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FL Studio Producer vs Signature: Which Edition is Better?

FL Studio Producer vs. Signature_ Which Edition is Better_

If you want to upgrade their workflow, how about starting with the Digital Audio Workstation?

Personally, we find it best to stick with one type of DAW.

We’ve found that purchasing all sound-editing apps is a mistake if you have one on your computer that covers all you need.

One of the most popular beat-making tools is FL Studio. It is known for its SUPERB audio recording capabilities and lifetime FREE updates.

It comes in various versions to meet your recording and editing needs. If you’re a producer who can’t decide which version of FL Studio to purchase, keep reading!

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What is FL Studio?

What is FL Studio--

It’s the company Image-Line that brought FL Studio to us. It was once known as Fruity Loops but was renamed FL Studio.

However, as producers came to love each version of FL Studio and its incredible plugins, it quickly became one of the critical music production tools.

Today, it is considered one of the BEST DAW for beat making and is used by the biggest names in the industry.

When you visit the website of FL Studio, you’ll see on their posts that it offers FOUR EDITIONS:

  1. Fruity
  2. Producer
  3. Signature
  4. Bundle of All Plugins

While the choices may seem intimidating, keep in mind that only two editions have significant differences: the Fruity edition and the Producer edition.

Fruity Edition

This version of FL Studio works well with BEGINNERS and has the following features included:

  1. Destructors
  2. Frequency splitters
  3. Bass manipulation
  4. Chorus effects
  5. Compressors

Because it has so many functionalities, it can do WONDERS when used with instruments and effects. Also, its plugins can upgrade your piano roll and pattern clips.

However, know that this edition of FL Studio is NOT PERFECT.

Here are some of its limitations:

  1. It cannot record audio or import sound samples.
  2. It cannot incorporate all the extra plugins you want.
  3. It has no time and pitch manipulation, vocoders, or mastering components.
  4. It can only render specific types of clips. However, it has a built-in wave visualization to create videos for your track and upload them to websites like YouTube.

Sure, this one offers only the bare bones of FL Studio. However, the Fruity edition gets the job done!

It has all the basic things you need to keep your workflow going. It also doesn’t shy away from giving its subscribers FREE updates.

But if you’re looking for the BEST VERSION of FL studio to support your plugins, mixing, and mastering needs, this might not be right for you.

Producer Edition

The Producer edition, on the other hand, is the FULL VERSION of FL Studio.

This means if you opt for a different edition of FL Studio, you’ll only get more plugins and other advanced features as an upgrade.

Later in this article, we’ll discuss this edition and whether you should pick the Producer or Signature edition.

So, let’s keep this discussion at bay first.

Free FL Studio

If you’re not yet convinced of subscribing to any version of FL Studio, that’s fine.

You can try the FREE version of FL studio first so you can figure out if it’s the best DAW for you.

However, note that you cannot open saved projects in the trial version.

You can record and save the beats you’ve made, but you can’t open it.

This can be such a bummer, especially if you want to check the compositions you’ve made over the past years and see your progress.

FL Studio Producer Edition Overview

FL Studio Producer Edition Overview-

Among all FL studio versions, the Producer edition is the MOST POPULAR.

And this is not surprising since it offers different plugins, complete MIDI capabilities, and lifetime FREE updates, too!

So, what makes this edition of FL Studio a crowd favorite?

Let’s find out!

Main Features

The Producer edition is the COMPLETE VERSION of FL Studio.

So if you purchased this program, you are already getting the most of your money.

It also includes a few extra plugins and effects, such as the Vocodex and Maximus Multiband Maximizer, that let you master your finished tunes seamlessly!

But what we personally like about this one is that it has more instrument effects than Fruity.

However, note that the Producer edition is NOT PERFECT. It still doesn’t have the functionality to import clips for track syncing.

Furthermore, this FL Studio does not offer add-ons like time-gating or time-stretching with Gross Beat or classical guitar effects like Hardcore.

But setting aside all its shortcomings. This one is great for those who want all the basic things (and some advanced, too) FL Studio has to offer.

Ultimately, it lets you produce beats, receive LIFETIME FREE UPDATES, and offers TONS of vital tools for producers.


  • Full Version of FL Studio Producer Edition
  • Perfect for making different types of music
  • Lifetime free updates


  • Not as many plugins and upgrade

FL Studio Signature Edition Overview

FL Studio Signature Edition Overview-

The Signature edition got the best of both worlds!

It’s the perfect balance between the Producer and the All Plugins Bundle Edition.

If this one is on your purchase list or if you’re someone who’s thinking of upgrading your FL studio subscription, check out what this version has to offer!

Main Features

This edition of FL Studio builds on the Producer version, so it’s basically a Producer version of FL Studio with MORE PLUGINS.

For example, it has an extra sound editor that allows you to warp and edit pitch to correct vocals and other sound clips.

The Signature edition is also the first to include a Fruity Video Player.

It allows you to import video or Flash files to sync your track, which can be helpful, especially when uploading tunes on YouTube.

So, if you’re a bit into creating music clips or adding soundtracks to movies, the Signature edition is the ideal choice for you.

Altogether, producers often opt for this version of FL Studio. After all, it has all the plugins you need for a mid-price point.

Apart from that, the Signature edition comes with 91 instruments and effects, which is way more than what other editions of FL Studio offer.


  • The full version of FL studio with extra plugins
  • Perfect for producing different types of tunes


  • The price point may not be affordable for all

Performance Review

Performance Review-


Try the Producer version of FL Studio first before thinking of any upgrade in the subscription.

Learning the fundamentals of sound creation is better before investing in adding any form of a plugin to your project.

However, if you’re a pro and are willing to pay a price that’s a bit more expensive, then you can go for the Signature edition of FL Studio.

You can expect that with the high price comes higher quality and a variety of plugins.

But, again, you can always try the FREE version of FL Studio first to know if this bit is the right fit for you.

User Interface

These two FL Studio programs are equal in the user interface. When you open either edition of FL Studio, you can immediately access the following:

  1. Browser
  2. Channel rack
  3. Tools
  4. Plugins
  5. Mixer
  6. Playlist, and more in just one screen.

This makes it easier to master and mix tunes.

If you’re curious about how it looks, you can always check their website or watch YouTube tutorials to see what their cool interface looks like.

Ease of Use

As for the user interface, either version of FL studio works like MAGIC.

Both programs’ tools are intuitive; even rookie producers can create decent tunes!

So, if you’re just new to the industry, you don’t have to feel intimidated in using FL Studio, unlike other mixing and mastering software.

But we still suggest checking free YouTube tutorials about FL Studio so you can have a better grasp of it.


FL Studio Signature has way more plugins than the other versions—except for the All Plugin Bundle Option.

The additional plugins mean more effects and tools when mastering and editing. Its plugins include:

  1. NewTone
  2. Pitcher
  3. Gross Beat
  4. DirectWave
  5. Video Player 2
  6. Harmless
  7. Hardcore

If you’re a pro looking for a variety of plugins, we suggest trying this version of FL Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Platforms is FL Studio Available for?

FL Studio is compatible with both macOS and Windows.

It also has a mobile version that works with Android/Chrome OS and iOS.

You can enjoy portability while working on your FL Studio projects using your phone while traveling!

What is the Latest Fruity Loops Version?

The website recently released its 20.8.3 version of FL Studio. With this edition, you can:

  1. Enjoy additional plugins
  2. Save dialogues
  3. Add buttons to copy gradient colors
  4. Include warnings when you export uncompressed video files

What is the Difference Between the FL Studio Educational and the Full License?

FL Studio offers academic discounts that students can apply for.

While both types of FL Studio licenses don’t differ in features (i.e., plugins, effects, etc.), educational ones are not allowed to be sold for profit.

You can only sell your tunes to your audience if you got a full one.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Altogether, either edition of the FL Studio is great for mixing and mastering tunes.

However, FL Studio Producer is an excellent option if you’re searching for software that allows you to create professional music on a laptop for a lower price.

However, the Signature’s tools, effects, and plugins are more advanced and are more apt for pros.


FL Studio is one of the BEST DAW brands both professionals and novices can purchase.

Remember that the Producer version is an affordable quality alternative, while the Signature edition includes a bit more complex plugins.

Ultimately, either edition works wonders on your music production career! Whichever works best for you, that’s for you to decide.

Cheers to creating more awesome music!

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