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Best Monitor Isolation Pads For Your Home Studio

Best Monitor Isolation Pads For Your Home Studio

Want to improve on the sound quality of your speakers? Are the vibrations from your monitors starting to annoy you?

Well, maybe it’s time for you to get yourself some monitor isolation pads!

We’ve come up with a list of our favorites for you to check out!

Best Budget Pick
Best Budget Product

Adam Hall SPAD ECO 2

Best Overall
Best Overall

IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK

Best in Value
Best Value

Auralex ProPAD

Table of Contents

Monitor Isolation Pads To Use For Your Home Set-Up

1. IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK: Best Overall Product

IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK- Best Overall Product

Key Features

  • Isolation stand type
  • Best for floor stands, desktops, and mounts
  • Suction design for stability

The ISO-PUCK series from IsoAcoustics is one of the best monitor isolation stands in the market right now… and for GOOD REASON!

The ISO-PUCKs have a UNIQUE DESIGN that works well in direct contact with any sound support equipment.

Walkthrough of Features

The product AMPLIFIES the typical foam pad and easily projects sound, perfect even for professional recording studios.

The IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK is our best overall product BECAUSE of the advantages you can get out of using it.

The following features are our absolute FAVORITES:

  • Patented IsoAcoustics Soundproofing. The product’s design is PATENTED. This means that you can ONLY expect this quality from the ISO-PUCK!
  • Surface Support. The ISO-PUCK provides ultimate support by keeping away sympathetic vibrations to eliminate dissonance.
    • Of course, it does this by optimizing its SURFACE CONTACT.
  • Natural Spatial Sound. The ISO-PUCK reduces internal reflections for better soundproofing.

All of these features are tied well by its DESIGN.

So How Exactly Does Its DESIGN Improve Sound?

The ISO-PUCK has SOFT RUBBER DISCS at the top and bottom of the Puck. These are slightly concave and deform into SUCTION CUPS when in use.

  • Upper Cup. This is designed to ADHERE to the surface of the equipment… it’s what gives the Puck its suction cup effect.
  • Lower Isolator. This is what ANCHORS to the supporting surface for stability… it’s what prevents the Puck from sliding off the flat mounting surface.

The Pucks are also SMALL and COMPACT enough for quick soundproofing solutions. You would be surprised by how much they can withstand heavier monitors and heavy weights!

That said, it is also worth noting that the ISO-PUCK comes in THREE MODELS to suit your specific needs (with different weight capacities and dimensions).

For reference, the REGULAR version has the following features:

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs per unit
  • Quantity: 2 units per box

You can use these isolators to decouple studio monitors and speakers against any flat surface.

What’s the Catch?

For all of its quality control and amazing features, the IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCKS unfortunately do not have tilt options.

You simply cannot configure for height adjustment and better monitor accuracy.

Nonetheless, this disadvantage is still not enough to take away from it being one of the BEST monitor isolation pads in the market right now.


  • Affordable and convenient to carry around
  • Easy to set-up
  • Ideal quality soundproofing


  • No angle tilt options

2. Auralex ProPAD: Best Value Product

Auralex ProPAD- Best Value Product

Key Features

  • Foam pad type
  • Best for medium size studio monitors and surround sound systems
  • Compatible for upward tilt positions
  • Slip-resistant and structurally stable

The Auralex ProPAD is our best value pick because of the PREMIUM UPGRADES at its price!

The ProPAD is an upgrade from the original best starters, the Auralex MoPADs.

That said, you can just IMAGINE the acoustic environment that you can get from its new and improved version through the ProPAD.

Simply, it’s nothing short of GREAT.

Walkthrough of Features

Right off the bat, the ProPAD’s quality monitor isolation is exactly what you would expect from a product of this caliber.

You are GUARANTEED such improvements when using the Auralex speaker pads:

  • Durability. The ProPAD is built with an open-celled PlatFoam, as related to design changes from the original Auralex MoPAD.
  • Protection. The ProPAD guarantees better proofing of vibrations as an improvement of SOUND QUALITY.
  • Compatibility. The ProPAD offers better quality support for SURROUND SOUND SYSTEMS and monitors.

These all reflect as great flexibility for Auralex products considering how surrounds are taking over households now.

And as mentioned, these features are all thanks to its thoughtful and intuitive DESIGN!

So How Exactly Does Its DESIGN Improve Sound?

The ProPAD is a 13 x 8 inch product composed of THREE HIGHLY DAMPED LAYERS:

  • BASE LAYER. This is a flat Auralex PlatFoam melamine-wrapped MDF base layered with rubber and foam for stabilization.
  • FOAM WEDGE. This layer aims to provide BETTER ANGLING applications for the ProPAD.
  • TOP LAYER. This is a slip-resistant ISO plate that prevents slippage and INCREASES ACOUSTIC ISOLATION.

These layers provide proofing from the vibrations and resonance against your studio monitors!

  • This effect is thanks to the MDF material that provides structural support in the ProPAD’s base.

More importantly, the wedge being placed at the bottom allows for UPWARD TILTS without the need to REVERSE the pads!

This is a HUGE improvement from the original MoPADs.

You can likewise get a 19 x 13 inch ProPAD XL version to suit your needs better. This is already usually more than enough for two monitors.

What’s the Catch?

The only disadvantage from the ProPAD is its PRICE.

It may be on the higher price range among the products on this list, sure.

BUT! You are guaranteed the highest quality setup for your speakers and monitor soundproofing.


  • Great soundproofing quality
  • Compatible with different speaker types
  • Angling support


  • Expensive price

3. Adam Hall SPAD ECO 2: Best Budget Product

Adam Hall SPAD ECO 2- Best Budget Product

Key Features

  • Isolation pad type
  • Best for studio monitors and woofers
  • Three angles of inclination

The SPAD ECO 2 from Adam Hall offers high-density acoustic foams at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

It is our best budget pick for your monitor because its performance can rival those offered at higher price points.

Walkthrough of Features!

The SPAD ECO 2 eliminates resonance at a reasonable cost.

It achieves so much with its SIMPLE AND SLEEK DESIGN. Features that we absolutely LOVE that have risen from this are the following:

Isolation Pads for Studio Monitors

These consist of TWO FOAM PARTS: the BASE and the WEDGE.

The WEDGE is positioned inside the base, depending on the angle that you want:

  • First Variant. You can position your wedge PARALLEL to the exterior.
  • Second Variant. You can REMOVE the wedge to tilt your studio monitors downwards. This is useful if your devices are ABOVE EAR LEVEL.
  • Third Variant. You can position your wedge UPSIDE DOWN to increase the angle more.

Each part is made of dense foam that helps absorb the vibration from the speaker stands.

High-Density Acoustic Foam

The SPAD ECO 2 boasts:

  • Foam Density: 38 kg/m
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 13 x 1.6 inches

These features allow the effective CUSHIONING of equipment while set-up on a flat desk surface.

The Adam Hall guarantees great equipment compatibility! Its SHAPE allows it to accommodate a wide range of reference monitors, gears, stands, and many others.

What’s the Catch?

Some users complain about workmanship.

The wedges are sometimes said to not be CLEANLY cut and produced… and though can go unnoticed, it’s still worth noting!

However, this does not change the AMAZING QUALITY and VALUE you get from using the SPAD ECO 2.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Universal compatibility


  • Workmanship issues

4. Sound Addicted High Density Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

Sound Addicted High Density Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

Key Features

  • High-density acoustic foam
  • Best for 5″ monitors
  • Multiple configurations for angle support

Another affordable alternative that we’re throwing in the mix is Sound Addicted’s product!

This provides a decent solution to recording and producing low-end frequencies in your environment.

So What’s Great About It?

Sound Addicted incorporates FIVE ANGLE CONFIGURATIONS into this product… it’s the most out of all the pads on this list!

With its dimensions of 7.5 x 11 x 1.6 inches, these pads can also be conveniently positioned at ear level.

Additionally, it has a SLEEK DESIGN that can support classic monitors like the Yamaha HS8 and KRK Rokit.

What’s the Catch?

Other users complain about the pads not completely getting rid of vibrations.

While the sound may be already of quality, you may still be able to FEEL the sound out of your monitors.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple tilt options
  • Quality foam


  • Vibrations can still be felt and observed

How to Choose Monitor Isolation Pads

How to Choose Monitor Isolation Pads

Your choice of speaker pads MATTERS.

That said, there are THREE MAIN FACTORS that we think are essential to making this choice:

  • Type of Pad
  • Foam Quality
  • Size and Supported Weight

Let’s briefly go over each one!

1. Types of Pads

The type of pad differs in FORM and MECHANISM.

While they all do work, there will ALWAYS be one that will suit your needs the most.

Foam Pads

These are the MOST POPULAR DECOUPLING ACCESSORIES because of their affordability.

In a nutshell, this is how foam pads work:

  • Uses more ABSORPTION features
  • Utilizes the EMPTY AIR PACKETS between their webbed fibers
  • Oscillates their fibers when sympathetic vibrations pass through

This converts the kinetic energy to HEAT. By cutting down on contact points, these foams are able to ABSORB VIBRATIONS.

Thus, they are able to cut down on how they transmit vibrations quite a bit.

Some also incorporate a steel plate in between of their pads for design AND better soundproofing. This steel plate acts as a secondary coupling surface.

Isolation Stands

Isolation stands ABSORB and DECOUPLE.

This type of pads REDUCES the points of contact into smaller circles or squares. It’s how they restrict the vibrations that pass through them!

They are also able to ABSORB well as they convert vibrations to heat.

Essentially, these are foam pads but SMALLER and GREATER IN DEPTH.

Decoupling Cones

This type reduces points of contact even further into nearly NOTHING.

They work by embedding a ball bearing at the tip of the cones in contact with your monitors… only this tip is in contact with your equipment to receive vibrations!

Decoupling cones are among the MOST POWERFUL and best monitor isolation pads. You just need to sacrifice a bit of your convenience and ease of set-up.

2. Foam Quality

Not all pads are the same:

  • Some products have MORE padding than others.
  • Likewise, some equipment would prefer LESS padding than others

Really, it depends on the type of equipment you plan to isolate sound from!

Our one piece of advice for you should it come to this is to: know your equipment. Only YOU know what you need, so only YOU know what to look for.

3. Surface Size and Supported Weight

Similarly, the best monitor isolation pads are those that FIT your monitors.

To achieve the ultimate support for your equipment, find the following:

  • Right Size. Make sure that your monitors fit within the bounds of your pads. At the same time, they should be large enough to evenly space out your stands and cones.
  • Right Weight Capacity. If the size is right, the weight capacity will most of the time be right as well.

Feel free to measure the base of your studio monitors and make sure that your pads FIT those dimensions. You can likewise look for ultimate support good for height adjustment.

Check out our guide on affordable studio monitors!



Are Speaker Isolation Pads Necessary?

YES! These pads are CRUCIAL for your audio environment.

Vibration flow from a speaker cabinet to your flat desk results in RESONANCE. This clouds the accuracy of your speakers and bass response.

Using acoustic isolation pads prevent this by DAMPENING AND ABSORBING the vibration energy from your studio monitors.

How Do I Use Monitor Isolation Pads?

Normally, you would need to place two pads or more under each of your monitors.

This would mostly depend on the TYPE of pads you’re using:

  • If you are using foam pads: make sure that your monitors are EVENLY placed on top
  • If you are using stands or cones: make sure to SPREAD THEM OUT for stability and less established contact point

Either way, you need to ensure that your accessories are ALL laid flat on your desk.

Can I Make DIY Home Studios With My Isolation Pads?


Who said you need to spend on EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT for your bookshelf loudspeakers, monitor stands, and various studio gear?

You can simply build your own soundproofing pads using materials you’d easily find at home:

  • Mouse pads
  • Old foam pads (from hard drives, cymbal stands, etc.)
  • Blu-Tack
  • Pencil erasers
  • Rubber balls

These are just some of them!

If you find something that exhibits padding and absorption features, odds are those can be used as alternatives, too.



The best monitor isolation pads are the ones that are best for YOU.

  • Choose the IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK if you are after convenience, user flexibility, AND the best quality.
  • Choose the Auralex ProPAD if you are after the premium upgrades and exclusive deals from Auralex.
  • Choose the Adam Hall SPAD ECO 2 if you want a high-density acoustic foam for an affordable price

Just remember that before purchase, make sure that you MEASURE and LEARN MORE about your monitors and speakers, too!

Good luck!

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