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Klipsch R-12SW Review: Is It Worth It? [2022]

Klipsch R-12SW Review_ Is It Worth It_ [2022]

Whether you are just an audiophile or a big-shot music producer, one thing is for sure. You’d want very high-quality sound out of your audio equipment.

But that’s not enough.

Having an excellent home stereo system means capturing not just the sound but the whole FEEL of music and movies as if you were taken into a whole new dimension!

If you’re looking for a good home speaker to add to any room, the Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer is a great choice that delivers both functionality and style!

So without further ado, check out our Klipsch R-12SW review. Great-sounding movie nights and listening sessions await!

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Klipsch R-12 SW Overview

With its founder, Paul Klipsch being a renowned pioneer in the audio industry, these speakers have paved the way to changing how we listen to music forever!

What’s great about these speakers is that there’s no break-in period; it sounded great from the first minute!

Plus, they’re aesthetically pleasing too!

The Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer is a 10″ or 12″ subwoofer with 200W or 400W of dynamic power from an all-digital amplifier.

Its design includes a built-in digital crossover and phase control that can deliver OUTSTANDING performance for both music and movies.

Main Features

Check out the features of the Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer you are sure to love:


The Klipsch R-12SW build quality is solid and neat. It is designed with utmost class and luxury, looking above par for its price tag.

The cabinet of this subwoofer is made with standard medium density fiber wood brushed with black polymer veneer. This brushed veneer gives it its texture for a higher-end feel.

Rubber surrounds the cabinet of the driver for added security and durability.

The Klipsch R-12SW carries a less flexible copper diaphragm. This minimizes distortion, especially at lower frequencies.

  • Copper is more durable compared to other flexible materials like paper and plastic, which most speakers are made of. It also gives it that minimalistic feel that can fit any home theater setup.

On the front of the subwoofer, you will find a removable cloth grille with minimal curves on its edges that give it its sleek look.

This also covers its LED indicator, softening the glowing light when in a dark room.

On its back panel, you will find its controls, power cord, and rear-firing port, and on the bottom are four thick rubber feet for sound absorption and to reduce floor vibrations.

Dynamic Power

You can opt for the 10″ or 12″ subwoofer with 200W and 400W dynamic power.

With this power, your speaker can create deep and clear sounds that enhance your whole listening experience!

RCA Audio Inputs

The Klipsch R-12SW comes with a set of RCA audio inputs. 

The left input also functions as the LFE input for better audio frequency response. These give the ability to reach low frequencies from 29Hz to 120Hz without distortion.

Knobs and Switches

The back panel contains knobs and switches that include an on/auto/off switch, a phase switch, a gain knob, and an adjustable low-pass filter.

The gain knob adjusts the volume of the audio signal over to the speakers connected to the receiver.

If you want the bass to stand out, increase the gain on the subwoofer.

The low pass crossover and phase switch adds electrical delay to the audio signal for a balanced frequency and level of bass.

For multiple speakers, this must be set to 180 degrees to improve the frequency response between opposite-facing speakers.

Lastly, a low-pass filter knob is also available to increase the cut-off of frequencies from the upper range of 120Hz down to 40Hz. 


The Klipsch R-12SW has a built-in digital amplifier that creates enough power allowing listeners to enjoy clear and solid sounds.

Sound Quality and Bass

Unlike other subwoofers in its price range, this copper spun woofer does not create that rumbling noise that comes when low frequencies are played at a high volume.

Distortions are at a minimum too!

Even the deepest bass notes can be heard accurately, clearly, and smoothly, thanks to the copper diaphragm of the Klipsch R-12SW sub-woofer.

However, many people have noticed hearing an occasional hum. That’s because of a ground loop feedback that occurs when multiple devices are plugged into separate outlets.

If this is an issue, it is advised to purchase better quality audio cables than what the kit comes with.


Unlike other subwoofers in the same price range, the Klipsch R-12SW does not come with a wireless connection. Quite surprising in this day and age, isn’t it?

It does, however, include a WA-2 port that connects the wireless kit to achieve connectivity, which can be bought separately.


  • Frequency response of 29Hz-120Hz +/-3dB
  • Maximum output of 116dB
  • All-digital amplifier with 200W or 400W power
  • MDF, Bass reflex enclosure
  • Drive components: 12″ (30.5 cm) high excursion, IMG, front-firing driver
  • Inputs: Line level/LFE input RCA jacks
  • Dimensions: 16″H or 16.5″H with feet; 14″W; 18.5″D
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Black brushed aluminum veneer with a golden cone
  • Features: Volume, Lowpass, Switchable Phase from 0-180 degrees, Auto Power


  • Less audio distortion – Even at higher volumes, the sound quality of deep bass is effortlessly crisp and detailed, even when this speaker is not at a high price point.
  • Great sound quality – This speaker projects an experiential deep bass surround sound, perfect for when you need to produce music.
  • Stylish design – This elegant copper-plated speaker gives it a high-end look, complementing your home decor even at a very affordable price range.
  • Efficient delivery – Many have experienced arrivals on the stated delivery window upon ordering this speaker.
  • Warranty – Klipsch offers a 5-year warranty for units sold from authorized dealers, accompanied by excellent customer service.
  • Top-notch features – It is equipped with an all-digital amplifier, fade crossover, and low pass controls. It is also compatible with LFE and Line receivers.


  • No wireless connectivity – you will need to spend additional money to get a wireless kit.
  • Attached power cable – Its power cable is not detachable, which means you have to position it close to an outlet to function. If it doesn’t quite suffice in your current setup, an extension cord can come in handy.
  • Cheap audio cables – This subwoofer’s audio cables are not the best. You might encounter a potential problem with its durability and need to purchase some upgraded cables.

Alternatives to Consider

If you want to broaden your options a little bit, here are 3 alternatives you can consider that are on par with the Klipsch R-12SW.

SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer

This consumer-level sub can still pack a punch at very low frequencies!

It has a wide frequency range from 20-270Hz that provides enough bass for your exciting movie nights.

The SB-1000 Pro is also accompanied by a smartphone app so you can control features, adjust volumes, create presets, and optimize settings in the comforts of your coach.

This mid-range subwoofer is a neat 12″ driver that is easy to tuck under furniture. It is PERFECT for a small home theater.

PreSonus Temblor T10

This studio-grade sub is feature-packed to suit any home theater or music studio.

This 250W powered subwoofer, cased in black non-resonant MDF, is a 10″ front-firing woofer that can deliver superior quality bass sounds even at higher outputs.

It includes rubber feet, a footswitch connector, and a footswitch.

Other notable features include a high pass filter and a continuous variable low pass filter that integrate well with your home theater.

KEF KC62 Subwoofer

This side-firing design compact subwoofer is a sleek and simple box you can easily tuck out of sight.

But don’t be fooled by its size!

It comes with two 6.5 in drivers and a 1000W built-in amplification that can deliver big and deep bass sounds for all bass lovers.

It’s a great-looking speaker with a lot of power but is not the most affordable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Klipsch R-12SW Have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, unlike other speakers, the Klipsch R-12SW does not have Bluetooth capabilities on its own.

The subwoofer will have to be connected to a standard RCA cable into an output on the receiver to function.

What Should My Klipsch Subwoofer Be Set to?

It would be good to turn the low-pass filter knob entirely to the right to set the subwoofer on LFE mode.

This will send only those deep and rumbling frequencies to your music system so every sound comes out crisp and balanced.

Putting too much bass in one speaker will create fuzzy noises.

Also, if you are connecting multiple speakers for surround sound purposes, put one phase control at 0 degrees and the other at 180 degrees when the speakers are facing each other.

This is so that they don’t cancel out each other’s frequencies.

How Do I Connect My Wireless Klipsch Subwoofer to My Receiver?

The downside to this subwoofer for your sound system is that it does not feature any wireless connectivity.

If you still prefer the Klipsch R 12SW for its other features but wish to benefit from the convenience of wireless connectivity, you can buy the R 12SW kit that connects to a WA-2 port on its back panel to connect to the speaker through Bluetooth.

Our Verdict

It’s a YES from us!

Among other speakers, the Klipsch R-12SW produces one of the BEST sound qualities you can ever experience.

You’ll get a deep and clear bass output even at high volumes!

Plus, with its durable and sophisticated look, thanks to its brushed polymer exterior, the Klipsch R-12SW will complement any space’s interiors and overall style.

We hope our Klipsch R-12SW review has been helpful.

Although this subwoofer will not suit everyone’s taste, no doubt it is still a worthy piece for your sound system.

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