Novation Launchkey 25 Mk2 Review | 2020 Update

Let’s break down what could very well be the king of all 25 key midi controllers for Ableton users, newby beatmakers, or producers who are looking for a midi travel companion.

In this Novation Launchkey 25 Mk2 review, we are going to break down why this backpack sized push button controller is jam packed with value for money.

The big brother of the Novation Launchkey 25 now comes equipped with a massive bundle of extras that novation have thrown in to sweeten the deal and cut through the noise of the constantly growing midi controller market.

Basically if you’re a producer who uses Ableton Live already as your DAW of choice, or just getting started and looking for the best controller to kick off your beat making and producing career, then keep reading as the team at Bpm Skills dig deep and check out the pros and cons of this little bedroom and backpack midi beast.

Novation LAUNCHKEY-25-MK2 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller + Mic + Headphones

  • Incredible value for money
  • Complete plug and play connectivity and control with Ableton Live
  • 25 Semi Weighted Synth like keys
  • 16 Velocity sensitive RGB backlit pads
  • Incontrol System. Maps out all controls with all major DAW software
  • Great free software bundle and sample pack
  • Mainly suited to Ableton Live users (works with all major DAW’s)
  • Pots and sliders are not as well built as the keys, pads and body of the controller.
  • RGB pads are small and not the best for finger drumming
  • No Aftertouch

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Novation Launchpad 25 Keys

Keyboard keys are almost essential for all electronic music studios.

Keeping you away from entering notes into your piano roll editors is the first step that you should take when entering the world of music production, helping you create speed and flow to your creative process.

You don’t need to be a musical genius to get creative and enjoy playing out bass lines and synth melodies. The Launchkey 25 Mk2 comes with semi weighted synth style keys and is great for jamming out ideas with no latency or ghost notes.

Make sure when buying your controller that you are getting the right size for the job, if you want to learn chords and patterns then a 61 or 49 key controller might be more suited for you.

But if you are happy just jamming out bass lines and occasionally having to octave down a few note to get that rumble in the jungle, then 25 is more than fine plus it’s portable (and cheap).

Novation LAUNCHKEY-25-MK2 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller + Mic + Headphones

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16 Pads

The 16 RGB velocity sensitive pads are the nerve center of this controller and combined with the 8 rotary encoders above this is where a lot of your attention and production will happen from when making music and playing out ideas in Ableton’s session mode.

The 16 pads can be used similarly to a more traditional hip hop styled drum machine such as the Akai Mpc range, made popular by the greats such as Dj Premier and J Dilla.

Unfortunately the pads are small and spread out horizontally across the launchkey 25, which makes finger drumming a challenge.

I really consider this an added feature to the Launchkey series and not a mian buy decision but if you want to get your beat creation and finger drumming, this is a great place the learn and practice.

In drum pad mode each pad can be assigned an individual sound from your Ableton Drum rack and tapped out and recorded into the piano roll editor.

The 8 rotary encoders above the pads are assigned to the effects and parameters of the drum rack, which gives you control over each sound allowing you to tweaks, edit and automate drum patterns.

The real magic happens with the 16 pads, 8 encoders, 9 sliders and 3 transport controls on the Launchkey 25 when you start to create music in Ableton’s session view.

Assigning and recording individual tracks, known as clips in Ableton’s session view makes your workflow fluid and fast when writing music with Novation’s Launchkey 25.

Novation In-control Navigation

In-control, is Novations nerve center of the Launchkey controller that links up the hardware to Ableton’s software, allowing you to navigate and access every area of the DAW, then assign the controllers pads, keys and encoders allowing complete control over Ableton when you need it.

You will still need to load instruments, loops and samples into the DAW before you start your session if you don’t want to get slowed down during your creative process, as the none of the  Launchkey products have a navigation screen onboard to choose and load instruments, unlike products such as the Ableton Push 2.

In-control will take some getting use to, much like switching from android to IOS but the power and speed you gain once you crack the code will allow you to record, launch, create and capture loops, while keep your hands on the controller at all times.

Novation have thought of everything when it comes to making the Launchkey series compatible with Ableton.

All of the 16 RGB pads are backlit with individual colors that are matched with the screen, so that you can correspond the color of the track that you are controlling with your hands to the color of the clip channel that you are monitoring on your screen.

This is a great visual tool for live and studio music creation, allowing you to concentrate on the making music apposed to getting lost in the DAW and all the moving parts that go into making electronic based music.

Final Thoughts

Its pretty obvious by now that this is a great midi controller that works with all of the main Digital Workstations, but has been created mainly for Ableton Live producers.

So what do we suggest? Well if you’re just starting out and you have not yet purchased your first DAW then this is a no brainer for me.

This is a well made midi controller, that is packed with pads, faders and encoders.

To be honest with all the free software, samples and instant connectivity Ableton (Ableton Live Lite 9 come free shipped with this product)

I would suggest this as the go starter kit for anyone looking to get into making beats and creating electronic music.

Even with the Lite version of Ableton, someone new to music production could get totally immersed in all of the capabilities for Ableton Lite and the Launchkey 25 mk2 offer for months before needing to upgrade to the full version of Ableton Suite.

All you need is a laptop a set of headphone and you have a seriously powerful piece of hardware and software with out breaking the bank.

The Launchkey 25 is no a toy and is a great option for your studio if you have limited real estate and you’re in the market for a small portable midi controller.

The launchkey gives you the power of In-control to navigate Ableton and the jam out ideas from the controller’s faders, knobs and transport features.

If you’re not a dedicated Ableton user, we have created a list of comparable 25 key midi controllers that also include assignable pads and faders that might better suite your producing style and genre.

Novation LAUNCHKEY-25-MK2 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller + Mic + Headphones
  • Novation LAUNCHKEY-25-MK2 25-Key USB MIDI Ableton Live Lite Keyboard Controller. Designed for Ableton Live- All controls work immediately and can be freely reassigned. Full color RGB pads match the color of your clips. All 16 pads are velocity-sensitive for creating dynamic drum beats. Tweak your instruments and effects using eight rock solid knobs. The 25-note velocity-sensitive synth-style keyboard is lightweight, fast, and very easy to play..
  • Rockville RMM-XLR Dynamic Microphone. Professional 10 FT XLR Cable Included. Steel Mesh Grill. On/Off Switch. Rugged Metal Construction. Natural Sound Reproduction. Beautiful Black Finish (The perfect combination of matte and shiny black finish). Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz. Super Cardiod Polar Pattern. Impedance 600 Ohm ±5%. Sensitivity -60dB ± 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz).
  • The Rockville RMM-XLR is designed with the professional performer in mind. The RMM-XLR has excellent vocal reproduction and will sound great whether you are in the studio or on stage. The RMM-XLR is constructed with solid metal to ensure reliability.
  • Samson SR350 Over Ear Closed Back Studio Reference Monitoring Stereo Headphones . Lightweight design ideal for music recording, practice and listening. Powerful audio performance. Over-ear, closed back design with cushioned ear cups. 35mm drivers with rare earth magnets. Adjustable padded headband. 20Hz–20kHz frequency range. 1/4" adapter included.
  • Ear Bud Upgrade: The SR350s are a solid introduction to the superior audio quality provided by over-ear headphones. They make an excellent gift for the music lovers still using their supplied smartphone ear buds.
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