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AKG K701 vs K702: Which Headphones are Better?

AKG K701 vs. K702 Which Headphones are Better

Headphones have become one of our desktop essentials as we go about our daily work, especially when taking video meetings or catching up with friends.

As an audiophile, I can appreciate high- quality headphones that give the BEST results as they contain the highest-quality materials.

It is quite hard to choose the best headphones as there are various models and brands out there.

However, have you ever considered choosing between the AKG K701 vs AKG K702?

Confused about what’s the best model between the two headphones?

Well, I’ve got you covered!

After reading this article, I hope you will have the best experience with your chosen headphones!

Table of Contents

AKG K701 Headphones Overview

AKG K701 Headphones Overview-


  • 50 mm driver size
  • 105 kHz sensitivity
  • The rated impedance of 62 ohms
  • 200 mW maximum input power
  • 10-39800 audio frequency bandwidth
  • 3m cable length


  • Padded-genuine headphone
  • Comfortable headphones with 3D-form ear pads
  • Patented variation two-layer diaphragm

The AKG K701 is an open-back pair of headphones with no noise isolation but a patented two-layer diaphragm that promotes a sparkling high-mid and accurate bass response.

With this pair, you get comfortable ear cups with a well-cushioned earpads covered in with a suede-like fabric. It offers a comfortable grip and comes with a headphone stand.

Despite its metallic look, the AKG K701 is made of plastic.

But don’t get me wrong!

This material enables the headphones to become LIGHTWEIGHT and offers no discomfort!

It works well with classical music with a mid-range and mid-bass tune, making it a pair of headphones that delivers good results.

If you want bulky, retro-style headphones, the AKG K701 is for you!


  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Wide frequency range
  • For hi-fi critical listening
  • For gaming applications


  • Expensive price
  • Bulky design
  • Not suitable for a noisy environment

AKG K702 Headphones Overview

AKG K702 Headphones Overview-


  • 45 mm river size
  • 2000 mW Maximum input power
  • 3m cable length
  • 10-39800 Hz audio frequency bandwidth
  • The rated impedance of 62 ohms
  • 105 kHz sensitivity


  • Not foldable
  • Replaceable Earpads
  • Over-ear headphone
  • Has detachable cables
  • Unique flat-wire voice coil

The AKG K702 has great sound quality geared towards neutral listening.

It has a RICH audio condition response with low-frequency and excellent low mid-range performance.

The build quality of the AKG K702 is SPECTACULAR! Here’s why.

The earbud is made with silicon and plastic, making it a more durable, solid, and comfortable headphone.

The AKG K702 model is an exceptionally comfortable open-back headphone pair with reference quality suited for professional audio equipment thanks to its mid-range.

You also get a detachable cable case and removable and replaceable ear pads that allow you to easily replace the cushion when it gets filthy or worn.

It also has a suede-like fabric, but what makes the AKG K702 different from the K701 is that it comes in a mix of two colors, silver and navy blue.

It has a low treble, emphasizing the sound quality in a more detailed way.

PRO TIP: If you like spending time alone in parks, consider another pair of headphones because they are not for outdoor use.


  • Great for audio reproduction
  • No ambient noise isolation
  • Lightweight
  • Best studio headphone
  • Replaceable earpads


  • Open-back headphones
  • Not suitable for mobile devices
  • Unfit for noisy environments

AKG K701 vs K702: Performance Breakdown

AKG K701 vs. K702- Performance Breakdown-

Both of these headphones produce EXCELLENT sound, which makes choosing which one to purchase quite trickier.

Both are fairly similar and only have slight differences.

To narrow the distinction between the two headphones, I’ve created a more detailed comparison that helps you choose the better option between the two models!

Pricing (Winner: AKG K702)

According to the AKG website, the price of AKG K701 is $450, and the price of AKG K702 is $409.

The two models vary in price but have the same equal weight and are unfit for listening in outdoor environments.

The AKG K701 and K702 come at more expensive prices because they offer good-quality sound, have soft padding for comfortable usage, and have an inline mic.

However, the AKG K701 is more expensive because it also comes with a headphone stand, has a bigger soundstage, and is suitable for mixing and gaming.

Build and Design (Winner: K702)

Now, let’s look into the appearance of the two headphones and compare their construction and build design.

AKG K701

The AKG K701 has an exemplary build quality, being comfortable headphone with circular ear cups made of soft padding and an adjustable leather headband.

These K701 models are open-back headphones, making them unfit for crowded places and have an old-school retro style.

It has an adjustable headband strap or self-adjusting headband.

It is made with great plastic materials that enable it to be more robust and durable, and it has a comfortable grip on your head.

However, the AKG K701 DOESN’T have a primary sidebar search, which is an essential tool for wireless connectivity and wireless options.

AKG K702

Looking at the other model in this review, the AKG K702 has a detachable cable case and is also made with plastic but added with silicone.

These materials allow the headphones to be LIGHTWEIGHT and portable.

It has circular ear cups for critical listening and studio mixing.

Its best feature is the replaceable earpads, which allow you to easily replace them when they get dirty.

Like the AKG K701, it is an open-back headphone that is unfit for external sounds and crowded places. It can even pick up minimal noise, and it has a MINIMALISTIC design!

Sound Quality

As the two models have IDENTICAL exterior designs, let me take you through their sound characteristics, which may be a game-changer!

Bass (Winner: K701)

The K702 produces very deep and low bass compared to the K701.

However, a deep bass may produce irrelevant noise that people are not happy to hear.

Lead Instruments (Winner: K702)

For acoustic guitars, the AKG K702 headphones sound better than the K701 because they have a BETTER mid-treble and low bass.

Mid-Range (WINNER: K701)

The K701 is better than the K702 when we compare it to its midrange. To get the perfect sound, you need a good sound balance!


The K702 retains its CLARITY because the mid and mid-range DO NOT overlap. It offers a stronger low midrange compared to the AKG K701.

Frequency (Winner: K702)

K701 has a high midrange and CANNOT provide an excellent high-frequency sound. The bass is emphasized for a more detailed sound across both headphones.

Treble (Winner: Tie)

The trebles of both models generally produce a clear sound in the SAME way.

Noise Cancellation (Winner: None)

K701 and K702 are open-back, which means you CAN’T use them in crowded environments.

With its design, it cannot suppress external noise properly, and thus, tiny voices CAN be heard.

I’ve found this to be annoying when using these headphones when producing music.

PRO TIP: K701 offers better sibilance, and K702 offers clarity.

All factors considered, we can see that the AKG K702 beats the K701 in this category by a hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you have many questions circling in your mind, but don’t worry; I have the answers!

Where Are AKG Headphones Manufactured?

The two headphones are manufactured in Vienna, Austria.

However, you can purchase them through the following websites, wherever you may be:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • AKG Official Website

How Well Does the AKG K702 Block Noise?

Unfortunately, the AKG K702 DOES NOT block noise.

The AKG company designed this as an open model that is vulnerable to minimal sound that creates leaks and, thus, are quite distracting.

What Makes a Soundstage “Unnaturally” Wide?

Imagine it as a real stage with a band playing on it.

A large sound stage makes allows you to hear all the band members.

It disperses down the stage length when you’re standing in front of it, making it unnaturally wide and easy to identify each instrument’s location.

Final Verdict: AKG K701 vs. K702

Final Verdict- AKG K701 vs. K702-

AKG K701 vs. K702, which one wins? Which one offers the best results?

I have to say, for this review, the AKG K701 vs. K702, the K702 WINS!

From replaceable ear pads, detachable cables, and clearer sound to lightweight components, I really am in awe of its features!

However, both are good for different uses.

Choose AKG K701 If You Want…

  • The full frequency with decent and consistent bass
  • Transparent mid-range
  • Excellent mid-range
  • Works well with classical music
  • Gives more depth to the sound

Choose AKG K702 If You Want…

  • Better bass compared with K701
  • Works well with lead instruments such as acoustic guitar
  • Has a low mid-bass range sound
  • Has a transparent mid-range, and the trebles
  • Good for studio mixing and delivering good bass.


For audiophiles, choosing a headphone model for comfortable and committed use is the most important factor.

Listening to, mixing, and playing video games gives us convenience and motivation to do our daily tasks, and good-quality headphones play a huge part in making them possible.

Choose the model that meets your needs.

Purchase within your budget limit, and you can enjoy your headphones to the maximum extent!


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