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Complete Buying Guide for Multitrack USB Mixer

Complete Buying Guide for Multitrack USB Mixer

Are you looking to create music or live streams with high sound quality?

Well, don’t fret!

I have compiled a list of some of the BEST MULTITRACK USB MIXERS to boost up your recording studio or live stage!

Let’s go through each of them to help you decide which is the best for you!

Best Budget Pick
Best Budget Pick

Phenyx Pro PTX-10

Best Overall
Best Overall

Yamaha MG10XU

Best in Value
Best Value

Zoom LiveTrak L 12

Table of Contents

Multitrack USB Mixers Worth Checking Out

1. Yamaha MG10XU

Yamaha MG10XU

Yamaha is a reliable brand with professional mixers for all your live events, voiceovers, video conferencing, and more!

This USB interface has ten channels, four combo XLR/TRS jack sockets, and delivers D-PRE mic preamps for clear and natural sound!

You will no longer spend too much time EQ-ing and ending up with average sound.

Yamaha also offers simple one-knob compressors —, which save A LOT of time when finding the right control dynamics of your electric guitar, drum machine, or vocals.

Its EQ and high pass filter allow for effective balancing and removing unwanted frequencies.

You are sure to get rich and powerful recordings with its built-in FX as well!

Durable and easy to use, I promise you’ll enjoy maximum-quality recordings with this USB mixer!

2. Zoom LiveTrak L 12

Zoom LiveTrak L 12

The Zoom LiveTrak L 12 is a 12-channel digital mixer for multitrack recordings!

It is loaded with eight combo jacks that accommodate XLR and 1/4 mic inputs plus clean preamps. The 12 channels come with 3-band EQ and 16 built-in effects.

The audio is recorded pre-effects and pre-fader, allowing you to remix the audio later in a DAW. It also allows you to record audio internally into an SD card.

Channels 1/2 have Hi-Z instrument inputs, while 9/10 and 11/12 conveniently have line-level inputs for keyboards or other equipment.

The Zoom also has five headphone outs, each with PERSONAL monitor mixers to create a custom mix.

I found this very helpful if you are performing with a band, and each member can have their mix.

The Zoom also allows you to record and mix SIMULTANEOUSLY during a live performance.

It can also be used as a USB audio interface with 14-input/4-output for Mac PC and iOS with clear LED metering.

Rest assured that this is an intuitive device that makes recording very easy!

3. Phenyx Pro PTX-10

Phenyx Pro PTX-10

Back to smaller mixers, I present the small but powerful Phenyx Pro PTX-10.

This mixer/USB audio interface is a 4-input device with super low noise preamps and 3-band EQ, allowing you to easily adjust your mix!

It comes with a RECORDING BUNDLE consisting of a USB drive cable, an XLR-input vocal mic, and stereo headphones right out of the box!

I should also mention that the portable size (similar to a smartphone) is perfect for travel and carrying around on the go!

And the cherry on top is that it comes at a SUPER AFFORDABLE price!

This is perfect for home-recording artists and beginners! What more can you ask for from this mixer that is affordable AND provides clear sound?

4. Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX

Allen _ Heath ZEDi-10FX

Allen & Heath’s ZEDi-10FX is a well-rounded mixer with all your needs!

This is a 4-input/4-output recording and mixing interface with three stereo inputs with TRS jack sockets and four XLR mono mic or line inputs.

The first two channels have guitar mode for high-impedance instruments, while the other two channels are for lines or pads.

Under those buttons is the low cut filter (or high pass filter) to remove low frequencies. I also found it convenient that there are color-coded knobs for high, mid, and low EQ on all four channels.

You also have VARIOUS effects that you can adjust yourself, from REVERB to DELAY, and is compatible with the Cubase LE software.

This mixer also has a built-in audio interface and is simple to use with CLEAN mic preamps every time!

I’d say this is a great choice if you are looking for a home studio device with a ton of functionality and for a reasonable price!

5. Alesis Multimix 8

Alesis Multimix 8

This sturdy and compact mixer is great to use for live sound engineering and podcasting!

It is an 8-channel mixer with four mic inputs and 48V phantom power. It comes equipped with quarter-inch line inputs, guitar-direct inputs, high pass filters, and 3-band EQ; high, mid, and low.

The two-track RCA input and output are useful if you want to record STRAIGHT into your computer or mobile device!

The USB output is a 16-bit stereo output for quick recording and playback on any DAW. I found the volume meter conveniently lit with LEDs to see the volume levels.

The built-in FX is great for adding a lot of DEPTH to your audio, whether from recording from home or mixing at a live gig.

Though Alesis is a pretty old brand, I would say the design and features on the Multimix 8 are very INTUITIVE. An ideal choice for beginners!

6. Behringer X32

Behringer X32

I’m very impressed that the Behringer X32 can support a MASSIVE 32 separate tracks on your DAW!

It comes equipped with MIDAS preamps, which are top-quality, award-winning preamps.

Additionally, this mixer has a convenient TALKBACK function for communicating with the talent!

If 32 inputs and outputs are still somehow not enough, you can add an expansion slot for an extra 32!

I love the 16 multi-effects processors, including delay, reverb, and more! The AUTO-MIX function is a great tool to enable automatic gain to the main speakers!

You can also control EVERYTHING from the X Air app!

Plug and play! Home recording on your computer or tablet has never been easier!

7. Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

With 12 inputs, 4 Xenyx mic preamps, and a built-in effects processor, all in a compact size, I’m sure the Behringer Xenyx 1202FX will give you high-quality mixing in any situation!

All controls are conveniently placed on TOP of the unit, so there is no need to reach far behind to connect anything (except the power adapter).

On top of the unit are four of Behringer’s award-winning preamps on four XLR connectors and four line-level inputs with phantom power.

Each has its respective gain knobs to control the input level and an LED light to monitor volume. It has EQ settings per channel to provide warm and musical tone correction.

The Xenyx 1202FX is also equipped with four stereo line inputs for connecting instruments in either mono or stereo. Pan, balance, and level controls are also included for all inputs.

The 1202FX also offers a powerful headphone output with volume control. The FX-to-CTRL button allows you to monitor the effects send signals on your headphones.

Connect the main outputs to your speakers, and you’re good to go!

8. PreSonus StudioLive AR16C

PreSonus StudioLive AR16C-

I love how PreSonus always delivers with their mixers, and the StudioLive AR16C is no exception!

This compact and portable 16-channel analog mixer is PERFECT for small venues, a home studio, or live performances with a band! It doubles as an 18-input/4-out USB audio interface for both recording and mixing.

The channel strips on the StudioLive AR16c are built to help you create your best recordings!

I found it very convenient how you can also record straight into an SD card. Just insert it into the Stereo Mix SD card slot and record WITHOUT the need for external hardware!

The SUPER CHANNEL is a key feature that lets you take control of your sound, which gives you all inputs on one channel.

It also offers Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your computer or any device to the mixer and record away!

The mixing decks come with 8-18 tracks for multitrack recording and can send input to your DAW plus the main mix channels.

Additionally, it comes equipped with upgraded preamps with extra gain for lower output microphones.

Make recording clean and easy with this USB mixer!

9. Roland Go Mixer Pro X

Roland Go Mixer Pro X

The Roland Go Mixer Pro X will give you super clear and strong audio with every use despite its super tiny size!

The Roland Go Mixer is compatible with ANY device, and I love how its small size makes recording extremely portable!

It comes with USB cables for iPhone and Android plus a 4-pole TRRS cable for high-quality audio from any device.

It comes equipped with a combo jack for connecting a microphone and an instrument input for guitar or bass. Additionally, it comes with inputs for line-level gear like keyboards.

The volume controls for each source are VERY EASY to access!

This USB mixer has SEVEN inputs for multi-track recording, either with a band or a group, making it ideal for podcasts or meetings.

If you are a beginner and do not like those big bulky mixers with way too many knobs, then I recommend the Roland Go Mixer Pro is just for you!

10. Mackie DL32R

Mackie DL32R

The WIRELESS (yes, wireless!) Mackie DL32R will change the way you record your sound on a live stage!

Despite its pretty bulky size, I assure you that this massive 32-channel Digital Signal Processor can be easily controlled from your iPad!

The Mackie DL32R runs on the FREE Master Fader app, where all the magic happens!

Here you can control and organize your mixes with great ease and manage up to 20 different devices simultaneously!

Instead of buttons or knobs, feel the simplicity of tapping on your device!

Mackie assures you the highest quality processing, from its 4-band EQ on each channel to compression controls.

Equipped with a high-pass filter and several FX processors from on-board delay effect to reverb, the Mackie DL32R guarantees professional audio quality to create powerful performances anywhere and anytime!

11. Soundcraft Signature MTK 12

Soundcraft Signature MTK 12

The Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 is a multitrack USB mixer that allows you to set up several individual audio devices for all physical inputs and outputs!

Unlike other mixers that allow only one audio device, this allows for MULTIPLE USB multi-track recording!

The Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 is a 14-channel analog console loaded with the finest Ghost mic preamps, which offers a wide dynamic range and extra headroom for stereo recording.

Each preamp allows you to effectively balance each element in your mix, giving a nice and clear mix every time!

You will also get top-tier quality effects, including reverb, chorus, and others!

This multitrack USB mixer also allows you to enjoy switchable Hi-Z and high-pass filters and 48V phantom power on each channel.

Perfect for your home studio with many inputs to play around with, get ready to enjoy rich and professional-level recordings with this USB mixer!

12. Pyle PAD10MXU


Here I present another small but powerful USB mixer!

The Pyle PAD10MXU consists of a combo XLR or 1/4 inch input for Channel 1. At the bottom is Channel 1’s gain knob, which also acts as the volume.

It comes supplied with phantom power for your condenser microphones and a button that says “USB ASSIGN TO LINE.”

This allows you to record audio coming from your computer into the recording software and is controlled by the Line2/3 knob.

The stereo RCA output allows you to run the audio into a power amplifier or stereo. The headphones/monitor output lets you listen to the recording and playback with ZERO-LATENCY monitoring.

Despite its small size, the Pyle PAD10MXU still does its job at providing professional-level audio quality!

13. Tascam Model 24

Tascam Model 24

Tascam provides us with yet another high-quality analog mixer!

Do not be intimidated by the many knobs on top. I assure you that the Tascam Model 24 is a hybrid mixer that is easy to use!

With 17 input channels and 16 high-quality preamps, the Model 24 guarantees excellent quality recordings right off the bat!

You also have line-level and stereo inputs for any additional recording equipment. You can do multitrack recording to your heart’s content AND have it directly into an SD card!

Additionally, I love how the Model 24 allows for Bluetooth and USB connectivity so that you can integrate SEVERAL devices all at once!

The Model 24 also has a built-in audio interface — just hook it up to any Mac or PC, and you’re good to go! 

The Model 24’s DAW Control Mode allows you to transform the mixer into a control surface for all DAWs.

Your band will have a field day with one of the best true hybrid mixers on the market!

14. TC-Helicon GoXLR Mixer

TC-Helicon GoXLR Mixer

For all you GAMERS out there! The TC-Helicon GoXLR mixer is the perfect mixing board for all your gaming and live streaming needs!

Unlike your usual music mixing board that comes with several knobs all across, the TC-Helicon offers a unique set of features.

Ideally used for gamers or streamers, the Helicon comes with inputs for all audio sources —, from your mics, PC, and gaming console!

You have four faders for music, mic, chat, and system. You will also find six handy effects preset buttons and dials for reverb, echo, pitch, and gender.

There are three additional buttons for MORE effects like a megaphone, robot, and hard tune.

But I think the real kicker here is the CENSOR button for your (unnecessary) cursing purposes!

It uses an XLR mic jack plus a mini-jack line input for additional devices. The headphones input offers zero-latency monitoring for clear, low-noise recording.

You can control everything from the GoXLR application, where you can change the settings on the device and have it translate on the app!

Gaming has never been more fun and easy!

Mixer vs. Audio Interface

As mentioned earlier, many of these mixers have a built-in USB audio interface! Almost all the mixers listed have an integrated audio interface in them.

But what is the key difference?

What Can An Audio Interface Do?

The main purpose of an audio interface is to RECORD on a computer or any device. You can plug in mics and instruments and adjust their gain, respectively.

You can take your recording and mix it in your DAW on your computer, like Cubase LE software creating your final mix! There are NO effects processing done on the USB interface itself.

What Can A Mixer Do?

On the other hand, a physical MIXER allows for more features like adjusting frequencies with EQ.You can add effects like reverb and delay, among others.

All of these can be done on the mixer console itself.

Simply put, an audio interface is for sole recording and mixing into a DAW, while mixers allow you to add depth and effects to your recordings on the physical mixer itself.

When Will You Need a Multitrack USB Mixer

When Will You need A Multitrack USB Mixer

Multitrack USB mixers are more suited for performers who want to further enhance their recordings.

Mostly used for live stages or live performances, a multitrack mixer will allow you to get your audio signals and adjust or mix them on the spot to give you the best quality possible.

A multi-track mixer will give you the best of both worlds as you will be able to do multitrack recording on separate tracks and processing simultaneously.

How to Choose a Multitrack USB Mixer

How to Choose a Multitrack USB Mixer

Below, I’ve listed a few factors to consider when choosing which mixing board to get. These will help you determine which is best for you.

  1. Channel count – If you are performing with multiple people, you will need multiple channels. This will determine how many sources are needed for the performance.
  2. Onboard Signal Processing – Having onboard processing, such as EQ and effects processing, will add a lot of depth to your multitrack recording.
  3. Analog vs. Digital – Analog mixers are smaller and cheaper but offer fewer onboard features. Digital mixers may be more expensive but have wider features for more complex mixes.

Best Overall: Yamaha MG10XU

The Yamaha MG10XU has everything you can ask for!

From high-quality multi-track recording to effective balancing of frequencies and dynamics, the Yamaha MG10XU makes for one of the best Multitrack USB mixers for your home studio or the live stage!

AND! It is for a REASONABLE PRICE as well!

Best Value: Zoom LiveTrak L 12

The LiveTrak L-12 is the best choice for you and your band!

With its super clean preamps and personal monitor mixers for simultaneous recording, the Zoom LiveTrak makes everything easy and intuitive with the best results!

Best Budget Pick: Phenyx Pro PTX-10

The Phenyx Pro PTX-10 has all the necessary mixing features and comes at a super affordable price, considering all the extra goodies with the bundle!

Its small and portable size makes it a great choice for on-the-go recording! You will enjoy crystal clear audio with each recording and mixing session!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Some of the best multitrack USB Mixers you can get your hands on! Hopefully, this list will help get your music career to the next level!

I assure you that each multitrack USB mixer mentioned will do the job of giving you the best quality music possible!


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