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Noiiz vs Splice: The Best Sample Website for Beats?

Noiiz vs Splice

Producing does not only take time and effort, but it also requires the right samples and loops. When setting up a project, insufficient access to the right loops can alter the result of your electronic music beats.

That’s why you and all aspiring music producers and sound designers should consider signing up for a loop and sample service.

With many services available, it can be tough to choose the one that meets the demands of your production setup.

For this article, we take a look at Noiiz vs. Splice, two popular production services that use cloud technology to give you on-the-go access to loops, samples, plugins, effects, and more.

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Overview of Noiiz

Noiiz Vs Splice: The Best Sample Website For Beats?

Noiiz is a digital platform that offers a collection of more than 10,000 different samples, presets, sets, effects, and more. It provides seamless integration with various production software suites, making it possible to easily sync the library of sounds on Noiiz to the existing software you use to create beats.

Instead of providing credits, Noiiz provides limitations based on download size. This offers greater versatility when downloading sample packs from the Noiiz library.

Noiiz uses a fixed payment for access to its entire library, which is another attractive feature that makes it more ideal for beginners and advanced producers alike.

A VST plugin comes with the Noiiz platform, which plugs right into the production software you are already using. This plugin helps with the importing of sounds from the Noiiz library, while also giving you more control over the effects of the loop or sample.

To understand more about how this plugin works with the software and interface, take a look at this video:

The interface features a clean and basic design. With a minimal approach, there is less clutter to worry about while searching for loops to import.

You can easily search for specific sounds, look at the most popular options in the library, or browse through the genres, categories, and a wide range of sound filters.

Overview of Splice

Noiiz Vs Splice: The Best Sample Website For Beats?

Splice (a.k.a Splice Sounds) is also a cloud-based option that provides a wide range of sounds that can be downloaded. The addition of presets to the Splice library creates a more value-for-money approach when downloading samples from the system.

Splice provides an organized library interface that allows you to browse the samples and loops on the platform. With a cloud-based system, you have an opportunity to save items to your library on one device and later access the samples on a different device.

The mobile-friendly solution also allows you to sample loops on the platform from more than just your desktop.

A free trial offer with a free account is available with the Splice Sounds platform, which gives you access to a limited range of sounds on the system. This trial offer provides an opportunity to see the quality of loops available on Splice.

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Noiiz Vs Splice: Face to Face

Noiiz Vs Splice: The Best Sample Website For Beats?

It can be incredibly difficult to choose between the two in a Noiiz vs. Splice comparison. Both of the solutions use cloud technology to create an on-the-go and always-on approach.

Each of the platforms gives you access to thousands of samples to choose from, and both offer a selection of presets with loops and effects that are made to complement each other.

Still, noticing the small features that differ between the two helps you set them apart and find which one is the perfect addition to your studio.


One of the major differences between Noiiz and Splice comes into play when looking at the pricing between the two platforms.

With Splice Sounds, you have a range of different plans to choose from. The cheapest plan is $7.99 per month and grants you 100 credits in total. A loop costs you one credit, while a preset will set you back three credits in total. For many people, this would be enough – but some producers require a larger range of samples during the course of the month. There is a bigger plan that gives you 1,000 credits at a monthly rate of $29.99.

The pricing works a bit differently with the Noiiz platform. You pay a flat fee of $9.99 per month. This gives you access to 1GB of downloads. With this plan, you can browse all of the items on the Noiiz library and download them until you reach a maximum of 1GB. An alternative plan is also available, priced at $99.99 – this plan gives you one-year unlimited downloads and access to everything on the platform.


The interface provided by Noiiz is much simpler than most alternatives you will come across. The platform has over 10,000 files that you can utilize, and it’s really easy to navigate.

With Splice, the platform is also clean and organized. The interface has more features attached to it, but this also reduces the simplicity when browsing for samples.

Stand Out Features

Noiiz Vs Splice: The Best Sample Website For Beats?

The minimal approach to the Noizz platform is one of its greatest strengths. You get a platform that is incredibly easy to use and require no technical skills. There are different ways to browse through the tracks and samples available. With Noizz, you also get an advanced VST plugin that helps with importing samples directly into your production software.

While importing, the VST plugin gives you an opportunity to adjust the pitch, BPM, and several other settings of the sound.

Splice is known for its larger library of samples and the fact that you get to keep the sounds that are added to your library – even when you are no longer a paying subscriber. More than one million samples, presets, and other files are available for download on this platform.


Noiiz Vs Splice: The Best Sample Website For Beats?

Whether simply creating beats, crafting a track for a video game, or setting up an entire set of dance music for a party, you need the right loops and samples to use in your projects.

When comparing Noiiz vs. Splice, similarities between the platforms will interfere with your ability to make a decision. Both use cloud-based technology and offer a free trial.

Overall, Splice does seem to be more extensive but offers a shorter trial period.

With the Noizz software, you get a VST plugin that helps streamline the process of editing loops and presets. With Noizz, you also get a fixed pricing plan that allows you to download more sample packs from the platform.


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