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Using MIDI Chord Progressions: A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Using MIDI Chord Progressions

From hip hop to deep house, chord progression packs allow you to expand your toolset, improve your skills and stand out as a producer.

If you’re still on the fence about using MIDI chord progressions, check out our list of ways how you can up your music production with MIDI packs.

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Using MIDI Files

Packs are great for both pro and beginning producers that may need a little help or want to explore different genres.

Most producers probably don’t always have all the instruments they want to use available to them and use a free MIDI chord pack instead.

So really, there’s no need to hesitate!

They’re especially great for those in need of instant inspiration, want to make songs faster, or have unfinished tracks left for way too long.

If you’re worried about the difficulty of using a free MIDI chord pack, here’s your answer:

  • All you have to do is just drag and drop the MIDI files with the chord progressions you want to use on to your favorite DAW and get to creating your next song.
  • Aside from the simple drag to open method, editing the progressions or chords to your liking will all depend on your chosen DAW— but the world is your oyster from then on!

How MIDI Chord Packs Help You Produce Faster And Better:

How MIDI Chords Help You Produce Faster And Better

MIDI chord packs and MIDI files are a great way to utilize advanced progressions to create the melodies and rhythm you’ve been dreaming up for your track!

Here’s why you need to learn these thoroughly:

  • They uncomplicate chords and chord progressions for those mastering or interested in music theory.
  • They encourage you to explore different genres and be more creative and experimental with your choice of chords.
  • Easily transpose the chords to different keys (if they aren’t available already transposed).
  • Besides using the pre-made chords, you can easily view the chord progressions and learn music theory— study which chords work with each other and why!
  • Learn about classic chord progressions used in certain genres that are often available in a pack with set themes or genres.

Conclusion: Get Inspired And Get Started With Chord Progression Packs

Conclusion- Get Inspired And Get Started With Chord Progression Packs-

MIDI packs have all the files you need for endless possibilities! With so many free ones available online, there’s no need to hesitate.

You can find and download useful chord packs organized by genre and key.

With hundreds to thousands of chord progressions, drum one-shots and melody loops, the same sound in different keys, it’s honestly worth paying for a MIDI clip pack or two!


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