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The 4 BEST Ableton Project Files You Absolutely Need

Ableton Project Files

So it’s a Friday night, and you’re watching Pitch Perfect for the hundredth time.

You watch over your favorite part – Beca mixing a mash-up track of 500 Miles and Titanium on her laptop.

You think to yourself, “Hey, I can do that!”.

You rush to your Ableton with a head bursting with this original idea.

The workstation opens, then *BAM*. Nothing.

“What did this song sound like again?”.

You forget. You sigh.

Now, what if I told you your next great song is just inspiration away?

*Cue open the wonderful treasure box of Ableton project files. (and yes, they’re FREE!).

Here’s what you need to know about Ableton Live project files.

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All About Free Ableton Project Files and Templates

With free Ableton templates and samples, you’ll be able to study the project files of other producers you find online.

It’s like a buffet: you choose the parts you like and dislike to make the most delicious musical dish.

How is EDM different from tech-house again? 

Well, with free Ableton project files, you get to uncover the unique sounds of each genre.

Dissect those notes and add a plug-in.

Heck, even reverse engineer it! 

Create a new genre of your own.

The Best Free Ableton Project Files and Templates

There’s no need to open that new tab just to find a huge list of free Ableton templates and project files.

We’ve already rounded up THE BEST FREE ABLETON TEMPLATES AND PROJECT FILES you can find online for download.

Deep House with Will Darling

If you’re into Meduza or Nora En Pure, Deep House with Will Darling is one of the free Ableton live templates for you.

Will Darling is the music producer behind the youtube channel EDM Tips. Here, he drives us into the deep world of deep house music production with his Ableton Live project files.

In this example, he uses Corona’s Rhythm of the Night while dancing it with funky kicks and catchy vocals.

It’s the secret ingredient for the next (*coughs*) viral tune. 

Basic Wavez – Beginner Deep House Template (Deep House)

The Beginner Deep House Template by Basic Waves is an amazing free Ableton template because it sounds really good. Simple as that.

Wait, there’s more! It’s so easy and simple to reverse engineer the track because the presets and instruments are already found within your Ableton workspace!

Let your music project flow freely. No more worrying about project errors in your plug-ins!

Jauz-Goodies (Tech House)

The Jauz-Goodies Ableton live project file hits the huge list for free Ableton live templates. Why?

It’s basically free access to a professionally made tech-house template by the famous American DJ!

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

If you’re The Weeknd’s biggest music fan, this Blinding Lights project file will spark your creativity.

Fun fact: This jam shattered records for being in Billboard’s Hot 100’s top 10 for 52 weeks.

Now, this free project file bears all the secrets to the record-breaking tune. That’s from its multiple samples, presets, and even the synths.

All possible for download as templates for your Ableton live project files! 

Where Are the Ableton Project Files?

Relax, your files are not lost (don’t worry!).

By default, your Ableton live project files are saved in Documents>Ableton>Ableton projects

Now, whenever you hit File> Save Live Set As as a Save mode, you’re essentially creating a folder for all your audio files and midi files. Remember: it’s saved in the .als ( Ableton Live Set) format.

Another word of advice: It’s always best to hit Collect All and Save.

This saving option lets you keep your audio, presets, templates, and samples in the same folder, whether you want to send it or keep it. Neat huh!

Share Your Project Folder!

When sending your music production files, always send the whole folder, not just the files in .als format. For ease, compressing the files into a zip file is the route to go.

You can watch this video for a guide:

What Format Does Ableton Use?

Ableton files are all-star because they come in different formats such as WAV, AIFF, AIFF-C, FLAC, and OGG Vorbis.  Oh, the convenience of an Ableton project file for your user library!

Time to Get Your (Jazz) Hands Dirty

Okay, so your new project might not be jazz, but that’s okay!

The beautiful thing about free Ableton project files is that it’s a music production utopia for all songwriters and sound designers.

There’s no limit to what you can make!

Mix your free Ableton Live project files and learn from the world’s best.


April 10, 2022 – minor content edits

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