Rappers Looking For Beats

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DJing and producing is dope but paying the bills with your skills is even doper. After years of djing and making beats, I have come to realize how important it is to turn your passions into profit. Finding rappers looking for beats is one of the fastest ways to make money online as an up and coming producer.  Already selling your beats on marketplaces like Airbit? Then these tactics will increase your sales, and add more zeros to your bank account.

What you will need to follow this tutorial.

For many independent music producers and beatmakers, selling beats is the only way to make a buck. With new bedroom producers entering the industry every day you need to stand out more than ever.

Luckily for you rappers always need beats. So as long as you start treating beat making as a business and not a hobby you are already in front. It is crucial that you acquaint yourself with ways to make your beats and brand stand out from the crowd.

Let’s start with the basics first.

  • Make a beat
  • Upload the beat to a beat selling platform
  • Promote the beat
  • Social media account
rappers looking for beats

Complete Guide On How To Sell Beats To Rappers.

How To Sell Beats To Rappers

  • Research
  • Create a rapport with the artist
  • Social media promotion
  • License your beats


The biggest mistake producers make selling their beats online is failing to research.  Knowing the type of music your potential clients are making is vital to selling beats online. You will often find beat makers trying to sell their beats to artists who are in a different genre of music. When this happens, they lose their credibility, making it much harder to sell any beats.

Stop sending out links to random people and rappers looking for beats. You need to find artists that you want to work with and familiarize yourself with their work. This way, it will be much easier to find common ground, and it will be much easier to sell your beats to them.

Create a rapport with the artist

After you have established the people you want to work with, it’s advisable to take some time to get to know them. Beatmakers often start spamming artists, thinking that they are promoting their work.

But, it is better to take the time to know a person and show them that your interested in the music they are making. This approach will give you a competitive edge and increase your credibility.

cartoon crew of people hipsters hip hop

Promoting your beats

Smart beatmakers use a different tactic to grow an audience around their craft. Social media platforms are the most popular channel producers and beatmakers.

You can’t make money giving away free beats. But it’s smart marketing to send out a first free beat to the artist you want to work with. Selling beats is like in any other business. You need to build a network and connections with people in the industry. Artist will appreciate the gesture, then you can start to build a relationship.

YouTube has evolved to be a creative haven, allowing music producers to build an audience. For some, the platform is the number one avenue for selling beats.  Artists from all across the world use YouTube to find beats for their music projects. To stand out on YouTube, you will need to learn SEO and put in a lot of hours and patience.

But this has paid off big time for many upcoming producers who now make big paydays selling beats and samples.

social media icons

Social Media

This is the most essential tool you have to grow your network but this is also where most producers mess up. Many producers forget social media is well social. It’s where people come to interact with their friends, family.

They start treating social like a marketplace and not as a tool for networking. Nobody wants to hang out on social media and have some trying to sell you stuff. I mean wouldn’t it be annoying when some random guy is in your living room trying to sell you random things?

Pricing your beats

Pricing beats depends on the producer. Some beat selling platforms have a fixed pricing system and get a cut on every sale made. Most pro beat sellers recommend creating 2 to 3 non-exclusive licenses. This allows you to sell different rights for varying prices. The average price for non-exclusive licenses ranges anywhere from $20 to $200. Exclusives are much more costly, ranging anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars.

You should use social media to enlighten people on who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Avoid random spamming messages like ‘I just uploaded a new beat’ or ‘check out my fresh new beat.’ Instead, use social media as a way to engage your audience with fun and light content. This will create more engagement, making people curious and creating a buzz around the most important thing, Your music.

Lease contract, close-up

Licensing your beats

The Beat Leasing community has seen significant growth in the recent past. Beatmakers realized that they can now create multiple streams of income online. There are two viable ways you can license your beats, the non-exclusive license, and the exclusive license. If you decide to license your beat on a non-exclusive license, you offer and sell the artists’ different non-exclusive licenses.

Most beat makers will provide a basic, premium, or unlimited license. The basic license will be the cheapest but will come with limited user rights. As for the pricier unlimited license, they will get added user rights and better quality audio files. Music producers can sell their non-exclusively licensed beats to an unlimited number of artists, whereas exclusively licensed beats can only be sold to one artist.

Once an artist purchases an exclusive license for a beat, the producer/ beatmaker either removes it entirely from the beat selling platform or marks it as ‘SOLD.’ Once someone purchases an exclusive license, other artists can no longer buy a license for that same beat. Generally, producers then mark the beat as ‘SOLD.’ Or remove it entirely from their website after it’s sold ‘exclusively.’


You need to start building your brand online today. Growing your audience and network online might take some time, but it will pay off in the end. Once you have a following, artists will start paying for your beats in advance. Until then keep hustling to find rappers looking for beats until you make a couple of thousand dollars every month.