How To Send Beats To Rappers | Complete Guide To Make It Online

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It’s crucial in the music game to make connections, network, and market yourself and your brand in order to sell beats online as a new producer. I wanted to put this article together to help others who are just getting into the game – so you won’t have to struggle as I did. So, how do you send beats to rappers in order to promote (and sell) your music? 

This article is a step by step guide on how to send beats to rappers that anyone can follow to get started. All of the information you need to know is listed below. Now it’s time to put away your midi controller, turn off FL Studio, and put out that blunt. Let’s find out what it takes to make money selling beats online. 

What you will need to follow this tutorial

  • email scraping tools
  • email extractor (extension)
  • Gmass (extension)
  • social media
  • DM Rappers
  • Voice tag so your beats don’t get stolen
  • promote your beats
  • don’t get ripped off

How To Send Your Beats To Rappers | Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Promote Your Beats

Use the various social media you are on to share clips of beats you’re especially proud of and share them with other producers who can present them to rappers going in for a session.

Step 2: Social Media DM Marketing

DM rappers on social media to see what kind of beats they are looking for, ask about their sound, and see if you have any beats that would work for them.

Step 3: Youtube Type Beat

Pay attention to the types of beats an artist is looking for. If they are featured on a page that features a lot of trap, they probably aren’t looking for anything experimental or wavy. And vice versa. Always keep an ear open and try to anticipate the kinds of beats artists you reach out to are looking for, this will make your sound stand out to the artist and they know they can ask you again in the future for similar styles.

Step 4: Airbit

Use Airbit – a popular site for selling beats – to make your beats accessible to artists who might want to use them without direct contact. This system cuts out a lot of correspondence time but is less dependable. Make sure if you are using this site that your beats are tagged.

Step 5: Beatstars

Beatstars is another online production marketplace, and this site also lets you list your beats for free to increase exposure. It is another simple way to list beats for sale, but again: you want to make sure your beats are tagged if you use this system.

Step 6: Email

When you have a lot of emails, copy and paste them into an excel spreadsheet or google docs spreadsheet. to get rid of repeat emails in the list use CTRL + A, go to the Data tab (in excel), and select “Remove Duplicates”. Now that you have your list, go to your Gmail and start setting up the email you want to send. 

Make sure not to include images, too many links, or words like “purchase” or “buy” as these could land you in the spam folder rather than the inbox. Now write the email to your style then copy and paste the emails into the recipient’s box. If you have the GMass extension there should be a GMass button at the bottom of the email box – select this button and it will send an individual email to each email you pasted into the recipient’s box

Step 7: Instagram DM

Go to a popular promo Instagram page – people who can pay to promote themselves can pay for beats too – and go to the featured artists. Their email will be in their bio, and if not their manager’s page will probably be listed for you. Click on the manager’s page in that scenario and get their email.

Step 8: Youtube

Go to a popular promo Youtube page, for the same reason as you would on Instagram, and do the same thing: go to the featured artist’s page to see their email.

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Step 9: Twitter

Go to the page “Send Beats Bot” and make sure you have the email extractor extension turned on. Zoom out on the webpage so that there are a lot of results showing on the screen. Scroll down so that 60 or 70 results load and the extractor will automatically scrape emails from the page. 90% of these emails will be people looking for beats! You can go back to step 6 to see how to use the emails from there.

Step 10: Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another good way to meet artists who are looking to buy beats. Search for popular promo pages on Facebook to see who is looking for beats and figure out their style. A quick DM can make you stand out, and they will likely be willing to explore more of what you have to offer. Catch their attention and they may even return to you in the future for beats.


Becoming a digital marketer to increase your beat sales and make a full time living out of your music is a must. Knowing how to send beats to rappers is crucial. It’s a competitive scene, and everyone is looking for the extra edge. Make sure you stand out as a music producer by becoming a great marketer and branding yourself well, catching eyes is the number one factor in being chosen. And, in the music scene, being chosen means making money and continuing to follow your passion – which is the whole point of being in it in the first place.