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Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hi there, my name is Nick Webster, I am the CEO and head of Digital Marketing at bpmskills.com.

I’m a massive hip hop head.

Growing up in the boom-bap era of the ’90s I listened to artists like Wu-Tang, D.I.T.C, Biggie Smalls, and fell in love with beats. 

After becoming obsessed with the beats that were the soundtrack to my youth. I started to become a student of hip hop, digging for vinyl records, looking for the perfect break. Before I got my hands on an MPC sampler, I would mash of these records, beats, and breaks into mixtapes and live Dj sets. 

After getting my first set of turntables at 15 I graduated to my first sampler. I could now sample my old vinyl records together to create new and original sounds and styles.

Over the years I have deejayed alongside some of my heroes and played to crowds big and small. Today I prefer to stay home in my studio crafting hip hop beats and layering them with my scratches and hooks.

About BPMSkills

Bpm Skills is not just another blog. This is a community of beatmakers, producers, online hustlers, and artists.  Inside Bpm Skills you will learn how to produce your first beat, brand yourself as an artist, and get heard.

Plus the skills of digital marketing, social media, funnels, and creating a fan base. We want you to grow with us as artists, beatmakers, and entrepreneurs.

  • To achieve your goals we have created a suite of training and case studies.
  • Learn everything you need to know as a beatmaker.
  • From how to set up your studio, mix your tracks, build your brand, and make bank doing what you love.

And with that, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Product Reviews

Stay up to date with the latest studio equipment that enters the industry. Looking for the perfect piece of gear for your studio?

Read our Ultimate Guides to Midi Controllers, Audio Interfaces, Studio Monitors, and Drum Machines. Get studio gear advice to build your home music studio from scratch on a budget.

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No matter what your skill level, our team has got your back. We have created a series of step by step training blog posts and video tutorials. Learn everything from beat making to advanced tactics and methods.

Once you are ready to take your beats to the next level, then follow us to add the finishing touches to your tracks.

Our step by step guides to making beats will help you get your first track completed from start to finish. Then learn the art of branding and beat promotions so that you don’t get stuck as a bedroom producer.

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Studio Setup

There are many Digitial Work Stations on the market, but we love FL Studios.  It’s perfect for newbies and used by professional music producers.

Inside the community and training, you will notice that we use, teach, and train our students on FL Studio. Why? Because it’s dope. Plus it is one of the cheapest and most powerful DAW’s in the world.

Our goal is for you to be able to build your studio and create fire tracks from the comfort of their bedroom. Then brand yourself and get paid to do what you love. Making Beat!

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Learn how to make sounds, textures, and mix with the latest and greatest VSTs on the market. Check out of in-depth reviews of the best VST’s for Hip Hop, Trap and Lo-Fi beat making.
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Sample Packs

Beat Making and samples are like peanut butter and jelly, you need them both to make the perfect blend. Hip Hop producers don’t need to spend there days digging through dust record stores.

Today finding samples to build a beat with or add as the final touch to your unfinished symphony is easy.

Join us as when scour the internet looking for the hottest sample packs to hit the internet.

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Digital Marketing

Making dope beats is only half the battle. The second and some say the most important part is learning how to promote yourself online.

Learn the skills of digital marketing, branding, and building funnels. Digital Marketing is essential, we are going to teach you how to leverage the internet to take it to the next level. Some of the platforms and social media tactics you will learn here at Bpm Skills are:

YouTube – Search Engine Optimisation

Facebook – Both Organic Marketing and Paid Advertising

Funnels – Building funnels is the key to success for making money online

Beat Stores – Learn how to use the top beat stores in the game to make sales, lease beats, build your list, and make money.

Branding – Creating a solid brand is crucial to standing out from the crowd. Learn how to blow up once you start getting traction on social media.


We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at nick@bpmskills.com if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Phone: +1-609-436-0993

Mailing Address: 1201 Broadway Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08757, USA

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