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Best  Midi Controller for DAW's

Best Midi Controller for Ableton
What Is The Best Midi Controller for Ableton? I found it much easier to create a beat and come up[...]
Best Midi Keyboard for Garageband
Plug and play setupDon’t get scared or slowed down by technology anymore. Midi is the language used when creating music on[...]
Best Midi Keyboard for Logic Pro X
Over a decade ago, relatively simple DAWs took music production from the professional recording studio and made it available for[...]

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The History Of Sampling
The History Of Sampling Though it may be ubiquitous in music today, sampling records has a rich history whose stretch[...]
Acid House. The Sound That Changed The World
The Best Of Acid House Acid House Pioneers DJ Pierre If anyone could arguably have been said to impact Acid[...]
What Is Old School Jungle?
Though most people have difficulty drawing the distinction between contemporary Jungle and Drum and Bass, Old School Jungle is without[...]